Secrets revealed : how to look younger when u knock at 40 or 50


Its a big challenge to maintain our body. When even we reach at 30 we start looking older. We spend a lot of times about searching a single beauty tips so that we look more younger than that of our original age.

Here today we will disclose some secrets. Yes secrets from our famous hollywood actresses.

CINDY CRAWFORD : She looks like same, the way she looked like before 30 years. She is an American model and actress. She is the mother of two children. She never follows any planned routine to maintain herself. She advised for a proper diet, plenty water, sleep for enough time, not to smoke and exercises to burn her calories. She also told not to be so impatient rather just to start these strict routineswhen you reach specially at 30. As this is not any magic so if you start all these at the age of 30 then you can see the difference when you would be 50.

JENNIFER JOANNA ANISTON : She is an american actress, producer and businesswoman. She spends huge money on laser treatment, beauty treatment, facials to glow her face and she believes it all goes well. She always manages time for yoga and exercises. She always follows preper diet.

JENNIFER LOPEZ: She is an american singer, actress, dancer, actress and fashion designer. Everyone gets jealous for her so attractive figure. Her main priority has been work out for years. She always keeps herself on a strict diet. She is always dependant on her own-making health food and supplements. She is very much concerned about her make-up. She never forgets to use moisturizer and make-up remover.


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