Raai Laxmi is all set for her erotic thriller movie Julie 2


The teaser of Julie 2 which is already revealed went viral. It features the South Indian actress Raai Laxmi in the main role. The erotic thriller movie reflects her boldness and also picturises the ways through which she mesmerizes the viewers.


This movie is produced by Vijay Nair. After almost 2 years Pahlaj Nihalani is back as chairperson of  Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC). Nihalani is all set to represent the upcoming movie Julie 2, he has a close relationship with the director of this film, that is the reason he showed personal interest to distribute this movie into certain sectors.


When the first poster of Julie 2 was released, it hit the digital world like a storm. He had to face the word an Asanskari. He also mentioned as far as the poster of this movie is concerned, everything is covered. We can not even spot the cleavage. Then how is this Asanskari ?



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